From Osteopathy to Performance

First of all, what is Osteopathy?

It is an all encompassing manual-focused practice that views a body as a whole and treats it as such. Techniques range from the orthopaedic realm of mobilizations, contract-relax stretching, soft tissue and exercise to softer cranial sacral and visceral ones. Osteopathy believes the body has the ability to heal itself when in working order.

What to expect during a session with Adrian?

1) History – all past and current injuries are relevant to figuring out your puzzle.

2) Movement Assessment – activities and movement patterns that you are engaged in and how well do you perform them. Table work aside, there may be simple fixes here to put you back on your path to excellence.

3) Muscle Tests – how do you stabilize in different angles – this guides our soft tissue intervention (i.e petrissage and trigger point)

4) Joint Range of Motion – here we assess the end range of the muscles – are you blocked in the angle we are closing? Osteopathic mobilizations may clear the way.

5) Exercise / Volume adjustment – our plan to make a long term tissue quality change and / or making your current plan work for you.

6) The nervous system – if we find your are too sympathetically or ‘fight or flight’ driven a gentle cranial approach may be integrated to ease your system.

For more information about osteopathy treatments and benefits, please click HERE.