Facial Acupuncture and Rejuvenation

By Yasaman Safarzadeh
QubeCore Sports & Rehab Cosmetic Acupuncturist

What is facial acupuncture?

Facial acupuncture goes beyond needling of the face, as many points on the face pertain to different areas of the body. In Chinese medicine, the complexion of the skin can be a strong indicator of the health of an individual. The purpose of facial acupuncture is to create a series of micro traumas on the surface of the skin that alert the body to send blood and oxygen to the affected site to heal it. When blood and oxygen flow increase, the collagen and elastin proteins underneath the skin’s surface are also activated. The release of these proteins result in a brighter, tighter and less puffy skin complexion.

What does a facial rejuvenation treatment consist of?

Facial rejuvenation is meant to target the balance of certain channels on the face that correspond to the different meridians in the body.

When a patient comes in for a facial rejuvenation treatment, a preliminary assessment is taken to determine the complexity of the skin – oily, dry, combination or sensitive. Following the preliminary assessment, an herbal mask is prepared and applied to the skin, followed by an extra hot gel mask applied on top to open the pores and allow the herbal mask to sink into the skin. Once the masks have sinked into the skin, a cold jade roller is applied to close up the previously opened pores, allowing the herbs to be sealed into the skin. Then, small needles are applied to different areas on the skin and a magnet is used to further increase the flow of blood and oxygen. Finally, a white clay mask is applied to ensure brightening and lifting of the face before proceeding with a facial cupping treatment.

Can facial acupuncture and facial rejuvenation treatments be combined?

Different practitioners use different approaches but I have noticed that combining facial rejuvenation techniques with facial needling treatments have helped achieve optimal results in skin health for most patients.

Who can benefit from these treatments?

Patients dealing with puffiness in the face due to internal imbalances can use facial acupuncture treatments as a form of lymphatic drainage. In addition, many medical conditions such as bell’s palsy, paralysis of the face, rosacea and many more conditions can also benefit from facial acupuncture and rejuvenation treatments. It is important to note that for more serious conditions, longer needles and different manipulation techniques may be used.

Lastly, facial acupuncture is a great alternative to botox and fillers as it enhances your skin with the help of your own body. Although it takes much longer than chemical alternatives to notice results, it does not paralyze the muscles on the face. Fun fact – many actors and actresses are showing interest towards this botox alternative as it’s imperative for them to show a full range of facial expressions whilst acting.

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