Pediatric Rheumatology, Sport & Exercise Medicine

Pediatric rheumatologists are specialist physicians who are experts in identifying, diagnosing, and managing inflammatory diseases such as juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

Pediatric Sport & Exercise medicine includes the assessment, diagnosis, and management of acute and chronic sport injuries and other (non-surgical) musculoskeletal issues. Other types of injuries include concussion, overuse injuries, and overtraining syndromes.

Exercise medicine also helps support a physical and active lifestyle for all children and youth, including those with chronic diseases. Pediatric care includes toddlers to adolescence and will be seen until completion of high school.


Pediatric Rheumatologist: Dr. Tommy Gerschman – MD, FRCPC, MSc (Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada board certified Pediatric Rheumatologist – University of British Columbia)

Referrals accepted for consultation in:
(Patients aged < 18 years only – 18 & under)

• Acute and chronic sport injuries
• Acute and chronic concussions
• Acute and chronic back pain
• Musculoskeletal pain
• Sport and exercise-related conditions
• Rheumatological concerns including juvenile arthritis

* A medical doctor’s (MD) referral is required prior to seeing Dr. Gerschman.
* For more info, please call Dr. Gerschman’s personal medical office assistant at:

604 210 4736 (Dr. Tommy’s clinic line)

Dr. Tommy Gerschman
Pediatric Sports Medicine

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