Massage Therapy

Massage therapists are highly trained to assess and treat soft tissue and joint dysfunctions of the body. They use manual therapy techniques and modalities to help decrease pain, release muscular and fascial tension, improve movement and function, and enhance mobility.

Massage therapy provides an effective approach in injury management and rehabilitation, while being part of a preventive care program.

Examples of conditions treated:
• Work-related problems (i.e. carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injuries)
• Chronic discomfort/pain (i.e. neck tension or low back pain)
• Headaches/migraines
• Post-surgical recovery
• Respiratory and/or circulatory issues
• Stress
• Pregnancy and post-natal Pains/conditions
• MVA injuries (i.e. whiplash)

Salmin Rassuli
RMT & Clinical Pilates

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Luis Crudo

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Maysa Tsang
RMT & Clinical Pilates

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