Tendinopathy & Rotator Cuff Pathology Workshop

For our 4th 3×3 Workshop, we will be doing a deep dive on the Shoulder complex.

This topic will be divided into a 2-part series, with this workshop based on Tendinopathy and Rotator Cuff Pathology (Part 1).

In this session, we will be discussing case studies around shoulder disorders and go over common findings pertaining to patients with rotator cuff pain and weakness.

This workshop will be held at:

• COAST Performance Rehab
• Thursday July 25
• 7:30-9:00 PM.

This event is Complimentary for all Practitioners and is exclusive to Healthcare Providers only.

**Due to the high popularity and demand of our workshops, tickets are limited to 1 per person. Practitioners must reserve own tickets. Please contact 604-210-2274 for assistance**

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For more information, please visit us at www.QubeCore.com and www.coastperformancerehab.com.

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