Running workshop

QubeCore chiropractor, Dr. Verity Stow, and kinesiologist, Hamed Ahmadpour are hosting a 3 part Running Workshop Series to help people identify and correct the most common issues amongst runners.

Correct and incorrect running biomechanics will be shown and talked through during all three workshops. Ways to fix running form with running cues, and low & high impact drills will be demonstrated and practiced. If time allows, then one-on-one walking and running gait assessments will be done!

Workshop #1 will be focused on the most common biomechanical causes of shin splints, runner’s knee, and low back pain while walking and running.

Mark your calendars! 🗓
The first of 3 workshops will be held on Tuesday, June 28th at 7:15 PM with Dr. Verity Stow and Hamed Ahmadpour.

The best part? The workshop is free! 💰