Physiotherapy for Jaw Pain

By: Reza Ghannadan
Qubecore Physiotherapist

What are temporomandibular disorders (TMD)?

TMDs are a group of complex problems related to the jaw joint (TMJ). These conditions may be the result of a number of factors, including trauma (such as a car accident, a blow to the jaw, or dental procedures), muscle imbalances, arthritis and overuse (such as persistent clenching of the jaw).

What treatments do physiotherapists perform for TMD?

• Manual therapy (hands on work) to the jaw joint and surrounding muscles/structures
• Posture education and neck treatment if necessary
•Exercises to improve jaw movement, strength and coordination
• Education regarding symptom management and bruxism (teeth grinding)
• Modalities (such as laser, Intramuscular Stimulation – IMS, heat)
• Working in conjunction with your dentist/specialist and other practitioners to manage the condition

What TMD conditions can physiotherapists manage?

• Anterior disc displacement with reduction (reciprocal jaw clicks)
• Anterior disc displacement without reduction (“locked jaw”)
• Myofascial pain, hypermobility syndrome and arthritis

How many treatments are required?

Recovery will vary depending on the duration of symptoms, condition, lifestyle and age.
Generally speaking, improvements occur after 1-3 sessions and may require 4-8+ sessions depending on the condition.

QubeCore Sports & Rehab offers physiotherapy for jaw pain & disorders, TMJ pain, and TMD in North Vancouver. To book your appointment with our experienced physiotherapists, call 604.210.2274 or simply BOOK ONLINE.

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