Performance Optimization & Injury Prevention

QubeCore is hosting young soccer superstars from West Vancouver Football Club for a 3-part workshop on Performance Optimization & Injury Prevention.

The workshop series, led by Dr. Soroush (chiropractor), Dr. Verity (chiropractor) and Reza (physiotherapist), includes an educational portion, a lecture component and hands-on live demos and exercises. ⚽

The goal of this workshop series is to provide education on different types of injuries, injury prevention, provide soccer-specific training tips and a better understanding on rehab and therapy options 👟

The FIFA 11+ Program is a comprehensive warm-up routine containing exercises targeting strength, balance and coordination. These exercises focus on improving neuromuscular control, stability and flexibility to reduce the chances of sustaining injuries during training or matches.

To view the FIFA 11+ Playlist, click HERE

QubeCore Sports & Rehab offers Soccer Injury Prevention workshops in North Vancouver. To learn more, call 604.210.2274

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