Performance Optimization & Injury Prevention Workshop

Exciting news! 🤩

QubeCore is hosting young soccer superstars at West Vancouver Football Club for a 3-part workshop on Performance Optimization & Injury Prevention

The workshop series, led by Dr. Soroush (chiropractor), Dr. Verity (chiropractor) and Reza (physiotherapist), includes an educational portion, a lecture component and hands-on live demos and exercises. 🥅⚽️

The goal of this workshop series is to provide education on different types of injuries, injury prevention, provide soccer-specific training tips and a better understanding on rehab and therapy options 👟

When? July 25th, August 1st & August 8th

Time? Workshops will start at 7:30pm

Where? Workshops will be held at QubeCore Sports & Rehab

Cost? $15 per workshop for a total of $45

To sign up for this 3-part Workshop series, please contact West Vancouver Football Club. For questions about the workshop, please contact QubeCore at 604.210.2274.

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