How does massage therapy benefit cyclists?

By Maysa Tsang
Sports Massage Therapist

A lot of us spend too much time sitting. Prolonged sitting tends to promote that hunched-over position that can make one feel like Gollum of Lord of the Rings at the end of the day. Unfortunately, cycling also promotes bad posture:

– Head forward
– Rounded upper back
– Stiff lower back
– Pelvic tilt
– Shortened hip flexors
– Weak hamstrings, glutes, and core

Massage therapy addresses muscle imbalance associated with cycling posture, improper biomechanics, and general muscle overuse and underuse that often lead to cycling injuries.

Such issues can lead to:
– Tightness and pain in the neck
– Shoulder and back pain
– Tightness in hips, knees, and IT band.

A registered massage therapy treatment typically includes muscle tension release in the areas of restriction. Simple stretches and/or strengthening exercises would also be given after the treatment to address the muscle imbalance and to help continue rehab while at home.

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