Functional Range Conditioning

By: Dr. Kamran Eghtesad
Qubecore Chiropractor

What is Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®)?
Functional Range Conditioning, or FRC®, is a form of mobility and joint control training. This helps to improve range of motion within your shoulders, neck, hips, hamstrings, low back, etc. The goal is to prevent injury to our bodies and develop longevity for healthy joints. The importance behind FRC® is to create proper mobility and strength to allow you to get through the day with no pain or tension.

Functional Range Conditioning works by expanding the body’s ranges of motion, while teaching the brain how to control the newly acquired ranges. Maintaining strong joints through a greater range of motion creates better communication between the brain and our movements.

What are the benefits of FRC?
· Joint health and longevity
· Mobility and flexibility
· Performance enhancement
· Rehabilitation

What is the model for injury and injury prevention?

Let’s use the example of an ankle sprain to walk through the above equations. As an ankle sprain occurs we have a few lines of defense to protect us.

First, we have our muscles and tendons that we control to avoid tissue damage. Second, we have ligaments that connect bone to bone that limit movement and create stability. Lastly, we have the bone itself. At each tier, we have a certain capacity of that tissue to prevent the injury.

If a load is greater than our capacity of that tissue, we get an injury. In this case, we would suffer from an ankle sprain. However, if our capacity is greater than the load, we can prevent that ankle sprain. The goal is to increase our overall capacity of our tissues to prevent injury.

How does FRC benefit athletes?
As an athlete, every movement requires a certain pre-requisite. For example, getting down into a deep squat requires a certain amount of ankle mobility. If you lack the ankle mobility, this creates compromise or compensation that may be coming from the knee, hip, or low back. FRC works to give you the tools and thought process to work on getting the correct pre-requisite before adding weight to your squats.

Can everyone benefit from FRC®?
Just like brushing your teeth to avoid cavities, these are principles taught to you so you can keep your joints durable. This can benefit anyone from high level athletes looking to improve performance, or grandparents wanting to play with their grandchildren.

Dr. Kamran Eghtesad is a chiropractor at QubeCore Sports & Rehab in North Vancouver. He is certified in Functional Range Conditioning (FRC®).

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