Custom Orthotics

By Dr. Kamran Eghtesad
QubeCore Chiropractor

What are Custom Orthotics?
Custom foot orthotics are an advanced method for foot correction. It is a device designed to align the foot and ankle in the most anatomically efficient position. Just as glasses reduce the strain on the eyes, orthotics work to reduce the stress on the feet. Our feet are the foundation of the entire body. Without proper foot function we may see dysfunctions and pain at the ankles, knees, hips and lower back.

What to expect?
At QubeCore we start with a thorough history to better understand what’s happening. During our examination we use a digital gait scan that measures pressure distribution and walking mechanics while walking and standing to see your weight distribution. Moreover, we take a 3D impression of your feet, and prescribe exercises and stretches to improve foot function. Our initial assessment takes approximately 45 minutes.

What conditions can benefit from custom foot orthotics?
• Plantar fasciitis
• Bunions
• Flat feet
• Heel pain
• Achilles pain
• Knee pain
• Hip or low back pain

How much does it cost?
Most extended health insurance plans cover custom orthotics between $350-500 every year or every 2 years. Please check with your insurance company regarding your extended health benefits. Price includes biomechanical assessment, gait analysis, digital scan, static and dynamic analysis, casting or 3D custom impression, diagnosis, report of findings, shipping & handling, custom fitting, and modifications.
• One pair of orthotics – $475
• Two pairs of orthotics – $625

How long will my orthotics last?
It is typically recommended that you redo your orthotics every 2 years due to wear and tear. Custom orthotics also come with an extended warranty so you won’t have to worry about it being damaged.

Do I need custom orthotics?
We try to resolve issues without the use of orthotics. However, sometimes they may be necessary to get you back to what you love and optimize your movement.

• Contrary to popular belief that custom orthotics are only used for foot pain, they can be used to treat feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back as we tend to see problems sometimes that begin at the feet and are present somewhere along the body chain.

• Custom orthotics are not the same as inserts you find in your local pharmacy. They are custom fitted to the individual using 3D scans.

QubeCore Sports & Rehab offers custom orthotics and gait assessment services in North Vancouver for a wide range of injuries and conditions. To book your appointment with our experienced orthotics experts, call 604.210.2274 or simply BOOK ONLINE.

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