3 x 3 Workshops by QUBECORE + COAST

QubeCore Sports & Rehab and COAST Performance Rehab are proud to team up for a series of hands-on learning and discussion for health practitioners and therapists in 2019. The series of workshops will be a 6-lecture format varying in topics and both clinic will be hosting 3 events each at their North Vancouver locations throughout the year.


Workshop 1: Headaches – January 29 / 7:30-9:00 PM at QubeCore

Workshop 2: Low Back Pain – March (date and time TBA) at COAST

Workshop 3: Achilles Tendinopathy & Plantar Fasciopathy – May (date and time TBA) at QubeCore

Workshop 4: Shoulder Part 1: Tendinopathy & Rotator Cuff Pathology – July (date and time TBA) at COAST

Workshop 5: Shoulder Part 2: Neuropathy – September (date and time TBA) at QubeCore

Workshop 6: Knee Complex – November (date and time TBA) at COAST

Our goal with these workshops is to provide therapists with an outlet to share their knowledge and ideas, network among other like-minded individuals and encourage team collaboration between all health professions. Through skill sharing, demonstration and case studies, we believe that working together to help each other become better practitioners will not only better serve our own practices, but enhance our patients rehabilitation process and overall experience as well.

Practitioners and experts from both clinics will be running the workshops and will include a lecture, case study, demonstration of techniques and more. We will be covering a wide variety of practices from Chiropratic to Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy to Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy. We welcome everyone to invite other colleagues and fitness/health professionals to the workshop. Practitioner participation is highly encouraged and appreciated.

For the first 3×3 Workshop, we will be covering the topic of Headaches. In this class, we will be discussing a case study to determine common findings, therapeutic options and exercises or techniques used to treat headaches and patients with other head-related conditions.

The first of six workshops will be held at the QubeCore Sports & Rehab clinic on Tuesday January 29 and will run from 7:30-9:00 PM. This event is Complimentary for all Practitioners and is exclusive to Healthcare Providers only.

For more information please feel free to call!

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