Is it recommended to have massage during pregnancy and is it safe?

By Jackie Noel
Qubecore Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Is it recommended to have massage during pregnancy and is it safe?
Massage Therapy can be very effective and beneficial in treating pre and post natal pain and dysfunction related to pregnancy. Treatment should always be given by an RMT for safety and efficacy. All RMTs are educated to the standards of the College of Massage therapists with strict guidelines for therapeutic massage during pregnancy; however, some may have additional training and have their practice more focused on these types of specific treatments.

What are some common conditions treated during pregnancy and after delivery?

• General muscle tension and pain
• Low back/hip/pelvis discomfort and pain
• Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction
• Neck and shoulder tension
• Headaches
• Sciatica and pseudo-sciatica
• Carpal tunnel and foot pain/swelling
• Insomnia and improper sleep
• Joint pain in hips/knees/ankles
• Stress, anxiety, and depression

What are some of the causes of pain that pre and post-natal women experience?
Common causes for these conditions during pregnancy are weight shift (center of gravity altered), hormonal changes, ligament laxity, positional changes with sleep.

Post natal sources of pain are generally related to hormonal changes, post surgery (C-section), difficult delivery, positional changes holding, lifting and carrying baby, breastfeeding/bottle-feeding, lifting and manoeuvring car seats, poor or minimal sleep.

Will I be comfortable in treatment during pregnancy?
Depending on the stage of pregnancy, the use of pregnancy pillows allow for a very comfortable treatment making it possible to lie face down comfortably. The pillows are also adjustable to give room for the belly as it grows. Side lying position is also made to be very comfortable with pillows and cushions.

What would a treatment plan look like?
Treatment plans vary from patient to patient and can be discussed with RMT during the first visit. General maintenance treatments throughout the course of pregnancy will prevent pain and dysfunctions and help promote relaxation. Some women find more frequent treatments toward the end of pregnancy really helpful to get through the last trimester. Regular post natal treatments can help new mothers relax, take time for themselves, and have a general feeling of well being.

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