Injuries with Increased physical activity ?

Injuries with increased physical activity?
By Dr. Verity Stow

When we increase our mileage per week, or per activity, our bodies have to adjust and increase muscle strength, improve overall endurance and increase cardiovascular strength. Our bodies can become overwhelmed if we increase our mileage or speed too quickly.

The general rule is only increasing your weekly mileage by 10% each week to allow our bodies time to adjust. Make sure you’re also cross training with some strengthening exercises to supplement your running.Also, make sure you’re foam rolling and using heat to help reduce muscular pain after your runs.

If you’re always getting hurt at the 20-40 miles per week mark, you most likely have a gait biomechanical issue. When someone runs more miles than they have previously, any issues with our running form becomes exacerbated. Usually the injuries are due to areas that aren’t strong enough to handle the repetitive stress of abnormal running form past 20 miles a week. Those injuries will only resolve when the gait issue is resolved.

Chiropractic care can help increase range of motion of joints that are now undergoing more compressive forces, decrease pain levels, and decrease the increased muscle tone associated with increased running/hiking mileage. Physical therapy can also help you strengthen the correct muscles for your sport of choice as you increase your mileage. Massage therapy and foam rolling will also help keep your muscles loose as you build up your strength.

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