Core-X for Optimal Athletic Performance

By Reza Ghannadan
QubeCore Sports & Rehab Physiotherapist

 What is Core-X training?

Core-X training is a core and conditioning program used by professional athletes, sports physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches and professional team trainers worldwide. It is a full body training program that uses a series of movements to improve strength, power and overall conditioning while being gentle on the muscles and joints.

Who can participate in Core-X training?

Core-X training is catered to all levels, from beginners to high level athletes. It can be used by those who are new to fitness or those who want to improve their athletic performance.

What does Core-X training help with?

  • Improving your fitness
  • Increasing your strength and overall conditioning
  • Toning your muscles
  • Rehabilitation from a sports injury
  • Preventing future injuries (eg., low back pain, knee injuries, etc)
  • Improving athletic performance and endurance

How does Core-X training work?

The Core-X training system works by using a series of resistance bands to perform exercise movements, such as squats, lunges, planks and many others. Sometimes weights, medicine balls or balance equipment are also used. This is further accompanied by manual resistance applied by the treating therapist, making the exercises even more difficult by making your muscles work harder. The result is a great workout that simultaneously recruits multiple muscle groups at once while challenging your strength, balance and core.

For the reasons above, Core-X training is often used by many world class athletes to further improve their mobility, agility, strength and functional performance in their sport. Nonetheless, it is also an excellent tool for beginners to use as the program can be easily modified to make it suitable for your current fitness level. The program is also progressive, meaning it can be made more challenging as you get stronger. Your therapist will perform an assessment to identify how to start the program safely and effectively for you.

Overall, Core-X training is a fun and effective exercise program to help you get a great workout in a short amount of time while being gentle on your muscles and joints.

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